Welcome to the Fountain of Life Church of God

Mission Statement

Our mission is to enhance the spiritual vitality of the individual believer in Jesus Christ. We believe strong, mature disciples will live with integrity and victory in their daily lives and will ’go and make disciples’. These disciples become the building blocks of strong families which in turn become the dynamic for community transformation.

We seek to accomplish our purpose through diligent application of the following 5-fold process:

1. Expand the Church through evangelism
2. Edify the Church through fellowship
3. Equip the Church through discipleship
4. Enhance the lives of others through ministry
5. Exalt God through worship

What We Value

Our core values stem from our faith in Jesus Christ as both Savior and Lord. Those values are best expressed as:

1. Worship: life with God was always meant to be one of worship; not just the musical/singing type of worship but the worship of a life well lived for Jesus Christ. Worship can come from doing our work, our play, our relationships and our lives in a way that brings glory to our God. We value Worship.

2. Experiential: far too much of life is lived from the perspective of the spectator. We watch others, we listen to others, we read books, but often never seem to be able to take the mental and turn it into the experiential. Most valuable life lessons are caught, not taught. Therefore, we seek to place ourselves in the position of learning by doing. We value Experience.

3. Relationships: the best things in life come through relationships. However, in our transient society many people never learn to say "Hello" to each other because they don’t want the pain of having to say "Goodbye". But relationships are the glue that hold societies together and make life worth living. Learning to relate to each other is a critical skill that leads to building friendships that last a lifetime. We value Relationships.

4. Mission: fractured effort leads to mediocrity. As Christians we are called to live a life above the plain of the ordinary, to be extra-ordinary beings. Mission helps to keep life in focus. It answers the why questions that allow the unfettered freedom of expression to build color and vibrancy into life. We value Mission.