Welcome to the Fountain of Life Church of God

Who We Are

We are a spirit-filled, evangelistic, proudly Pentecostal congregation with a heart for serving the needs of our community. We are a multi-ethnic, multi-generational fellowship of believers reflecting the community in which we live, united in our faith in God. Our goal is to touch our community through Clothing and Food ministries, Latch-Key Kids programs, Shut-In and Elder Care ministries, Outreach, Church planting and Missions. Our mission is to enhance the spiritual vitality of the individual believer in Jesus Christ. We believe strong, mature believers will live with integrity and victory in their daily lives and will go and make disciples. These disciples become the building blocks of strong families, which in turn become the dynamic for community transformation. We seek to accomplish our purpose through diligent application of the following five-fold process

1 Expand the church through evangelism
2 Edify the church through fellowship
3 Equip the church through discipleship
4 Enhance the lives of others through ministry
5 Exalt God through worship

What we believe

We believe in the existence of one eternal God who has revealed Himself as Father, Son and Holy Spirit, three equal but distinct Persons. We believe in the Bible as God’s only written word. We believe it was written by men moved of the Holy Spirit of God and is without error. The scriptures are supremely authoritative for the church’s teaching, preaching, witnessing, identifying error and training believers for ministry in and through the church. We believe that Jesus Christ is the only begotten Son of God. By His life, suffering, death, resurrection and ascension He provided the only way to salvation. His sacrifice on the cross once and for all was to reconcile sinners to a Holy God, providing a way of access to God the Father and eternal life with Him in heaven. We believe in the work of the Holy Spirit to enlighten, direct and empower the believer. We believe in the infilling of the Holy Spirit as a separate, distinct act apart from the indwelling experienced at salvation. This infilling, (Acts 2:4) brings spiritual gifting and power that the believer uses to edify, or build up, the body of Christ, and destroy the works of the devil.